Strategy #5: Advance Regional Infrastructure

Strategy #5: Advance Regional Infrastructure


Regional Infrastructure

Long-term commitment to the development and maintenance of our region’s infrastructure is vital to achieving our vision: 757=One. Economic Empowerment for All.  

Regional infrastructure is composed of the basic systems that undergird the structure of our economy. Obvious examples include transportation facilities, telecommunications networks, sanitary sewer, and water supply. Less obvious but equally important components include our transit system, ports, new fiber optic ring, HRSD: SWIFT project, transatlantic cables and offshore wind facilities.

For the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework, we are taking an even broader view of necessary infrastructure by including a sustainable regional branding effort and a business approach to addressing energy needs and sea level rise.  

All are vital to our region’s long-term economic development success and prosperity. 

Overall Goal:

  • Advance ALL of the regional infrastructure needs necessary to achieve our vision: 757=One. Economic Empowerment for All.  

What This Will Take:

  • Create a system to identify and share best practices on important placemaking issues beyond the Action Framework.
  • Create and share our region’s story with the outside world.
  • Advance a business approach to the region’s broadband infrastructure.
  • Advance a business approach to the region’s future energy infrastructure. 
  • Advance a business approach to recurrent flooding and sea level rise.
  • Advance a business approach to expanded market connections.
  • Create and follow a pathway to identify and advance the next generation of regional priorities guided by our economic empowerment for all vision.
  • Address long-term systemic issues that have held the 757 region back.