Strategy #4: Build Resiliency


Build Resiliency

Most often, we hear “resiliency” being associated with environmental threats and future mitigation strategies. In the Action Framework, we view resiliency as any action that can help mitigate the impact of future shocks that will disrupt our economy, local businesses, nonprofits and livelihoods.

Overall Goal:

  • Help everyone better withstand future shocks on the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes:
    • 757’s overall economy
    • Individual companies/nonprofits
    • Minority suppliers

What This Will Take:

  • Continuous effort to diversify the 757 economy
  • Concerted effort to educate and train businesses to become more resilient by:
    • Fortifying their business models
    • Accelerating diversity and inclusion
    • Increasing employee health and well-care