Step 5: Integrate all inputs into an Action Framework

Step 5:

Integrate all inputs into an Action Framework.

Get Feedback from the 757 Business Community.

Finalize the Framework.

Integration Committee Co-chairs: Jim Kibler and Glenn Carrington; Vice Chair Katherine Rainone

  • Arrive at an integrated overview perspective.
    • Review committee white papers. 
    • Review regional framework.
    • Review vision. 
  • Create integrated playbook.

Community Review:

  • Ask the entire 757 business community to review the draft Recovery & Resilience Action Framework.
  • Finalize and implement the framework.
  • What are the greatest opportunities facing the committee’s industry or topic area?

Integration Committee

  1. Goals
  2. Strategic Pillars
  3. Action Steps
  4. Responsible Parties
  5. Key Performance Indicators and Accountability