Retain New 757 Graduates


Lead Orgs:

  • Hampton Roads Workforce Council


  • Promote the 757 as a welcoming, vibrant, and accessible place for young professionals and college graduates to make an impact.

  • Develop a marketplace, both online and offline, of internships and open jobs to facilitate the matching of employers and potential employees.

  • Help students move and assimilate into Hampton Roads.

Retaining 757’s New College Graduates: Campus757

In 2019, the Hampton Roads Workforce Council (HRWC) commissioned a study of regional workforce and talent, one that delivered resultant Talent Alignment Strategy reports. Report 3 painted a landscape of the Virginia business economy and workforce that demonstrated a series of critical gaps. Talent shortages exist in more than a few industry clusters, and the overall working age population in Hampton Roads is failing to grow at the rates that our peers in the Commonwealth and in MSAs across the nation are growing. The study identified a series of issues we face, and one key area was in the insufficient number of college graduates staying in Hampton Roads or returning to it after time residing elsewhere.

The report goes on to state that “college graduates leaving the region represent a source of talent that is not currently being utilized to its full potential. Capitalizing on this pipeline of talent requires a coordinated effort to showcase opportunities in the region for local college graduates.” Campus757 is answering this call.

Campus757 is a new online internships and jobs matching marketplace for 757 employers and new college graduates from area colleges and universities. Campus757 is being supported by the Hampton Roads Workforce Council.  


  • Support the important work of Campus757.
  • Ensure close coordination of Campus757 with the area’s HBCUs.


  • Include Campus757 goals as part of the Action Framework’s performance dashboard.