Place Qualified Talent in Unfilled Jobs


Lead Orgs:

  • Hampton Roads Workforce Council


  • Get as many people back to work as fast as possible by encouraging 757 employers to hire local qualified talent first.


  • Assemble a planning task force that will work together to formulate the optimal plan to design and launch a centralized and well-promoted job posting website.

  • As part of the site, encourage employers to follow best practices in advancing minority hires.

The 757 Has Qualified Talent Available for Hire

In Wave 3 of the 757 Recovery and Resilience Business Leaders Survey, 38% of respondents said they had reduced their workforce as part of COVID-19. 

63% of business leaders (in Wave 3) feel their businesses will be affected for one year or more (up from 43% in Wave 2).

As part of the 757 Recovery and Resilience Action Framework planning, several committees identified the possibility of a centralized, region-wide job placement database. This concept was tested (in Wave 3) and 47% (Top-2 Box) support a centralized, well-promoted, job posting website that was shared among multiple partners in the region.

  • Part of this plan will include finding a way to make this entire initiative self-funding through website sponsors.The launch of this website will be closely coordinated with the work of Campus757, an online jobs placement service targeting local college graduates.


  • Key performance indicators will be developed as part of this overall plan.