Key Audiences

Primary Audience:

  • Hampton Roads’ 5,500 Business Leaders*

Secondary Audiences:

  • 17 Local governments
  • Military Commands
  • Community Leaders across the region 
  • Site Selection consultants
  • National economic development leaders
  • 757’s Regional Economic Development entities, aka the “RED” Team

The design of the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework is based on the foundational perspective that this is not a traditional regional plan created by government, but rather an action playbook created by the 757’s business community that will be implemented by the business community.

In order to be successful, however, the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework must be understood and supported by all key stakeholders.

The 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework will become part of our regional story — what makes us unique. We will share our approach with global audiences who influence our reputation as a vital and thriving place. 

*5,500 Universe: The combined member lists of the Chambers, Reinvent Hampton Roads, Alliance, CIVIC Leadership Institute, Hampton Roads Workforce Council, ODU Strome College of Business, and Norfolk State totals 5,500 unique business leaders.