How We Will Measure These Goals


  • 2022 business leader surveys.
  • Hold regular public report out events.
  • Track and report the number of business leaders who sign on as an official 757 Acton Framework supporter and the activities they perform from the list of 10 responsibilities.
  • Track and report the number of presentations and people reached.
  • Launch Dashboard 1.0 by Quarter 1 2021. 


  • Place the most relevant economic driver-related KPIs and metrics on the Action Framework’s dashboard.  
  • Create target industry committees to solicit feedback from industry leaders on ways to improve the business environment and recruit new companies.
  • Publish a quarterly business attraction report which details the number of visits to and projects generated by new and existing companies.


  • Work with HRWC to develop KPIs.
  • Include key workforce training and attraction performance tracking numbers on the Action Framework’s dashboard.
  • Include Campus757 goals as part of the Action Framework’s performance dashboard.
  • Create and present a report on COVID-19’s Impact on the 757’s Workforce Talent Today and Tomorrow with the 757 Champions by year-end of 2021.


  • Report participation in each of the three levels of specific programs: 
    • D&I
    • Business Model Education 
    • Health and Well-care
  • Report KPIs related to the use of the Minority Business Resiliency Mentorship program and minority supplier database along with the growth of minority businesses.
  • Report KPIs related to startup ecosystem success and growth as part of the definitive plan from the Tech Stars and 757Collab efforts


  • Establish an ongoing system of whitepapers by 2022 on identifying and advancing important placemaking issues.
  • Report goals related to the performance of regional network ring.
  • Complete the energy study. Formulate a consensus on a regional, long-term energy plan.
  • Measure success by the degree to which a more regional approach is adopted.
  • Quantify the expanded connections between RVA and Raleigh-Durham markets.