Examples of Specific Program Goals We Will Track and Report


  • Build awareness, familiarity, support and engagement among business leaders. 
  • Advance the new vision for the 757 economy and this Action Framework.
  • Recruit 1,000 business and nonprofit leaders who sign on as official 757 Champions.
  • Build an official coalition of young professional organizations of the 757 – 2,000+ young professionals across the region. 
  • Build awareness of and familiarity with the region’s geographic reach (17 jurisdictions), core assets, and accomplishments.
  • Grow pride in the 757.
  • Increase knowledge of and active participation in regional collaboration across all sectors.


  • Ensure the region’s core economic drivers are fully appreciated, supported, and are better prepared to respond to future shocks. 
  • Increase the performance and growth of the Alliance’s target industries.
  • Establish Hampton Roads as the East Coast supply chain hub for offshore wind.
  • Work with existing 757 companies to facilitate the creation of 3,920 direct jobs between 2020-2024. 
  • Increase the number of new startups that successfully scale into high performance companies that generate new jobs in the region.
  • Recruit companies that meet the Alliance’s target sectors and provide high-wage jobs for residents of the 757.


  • By year-end 2021, create and present a report on COVID-19’s Impact on the 757’s Workforce Talent Today and Tomorrow with the 757 Champions.
  • Get as many people back to work as fast as possible by encouraging 757 employers to hire local qualified talent first.
  • Train and up-skill as many people as possible to become qualified workers.



  • Deliver strategic business model resiliency education and training to companies who have signed up to be 757 Champions.
  • Deliver diversity and inclusion education and training to companies who have signed up to be 757 Champions.
  • Deliver health and well-care education and training to companies who have signed up to be 757 Champions in order to promote a healthy workforce.
  • Aggressively support and grow minority entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.
  • Increase the success of entrepreneurs and startups across the 757.


  • Help advance important placemaking improvements that are outside of the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework (e.g., affordable housing, K-12 education, social determinants of health).
  • Ensure the reliability and growth of the region’s broadband service — faster service, expanded coverage, lower cost.
  • Ensure the reliability of the region’s current and future energy supply — adequate energy, including natural gas, is necessary for recovery and new economic growth.
  • Support the development of renewables, especially offshore wind. This will aid economic resilience in case the next shock is on the global oil supply, as well as create new jobs, aid in the introduction of a new supply chain, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.