Development Schedule

Key StepTimingDeliverable(s)
Create the Project Plan and Share Thought Leader VideosJune (20) Thought Leader Videos
Establish and Support CommitteesJuly – August(11) 10 – 15 Page Committee Reports
Formulate Vision for the EconomyJuly – August90 Slide PowerPoint Report
Formulate Regional StrategyJuly – August15 Page Word Document
Conduct Wave 3 of 757 Recovery Business Leaders SurveySeptember67 Slide PowerPoint Report
Integration Committee Prepares Draft Action FrameworkOctoberEarly drafts
200+ Creators and Steering Committee Members Critique the AFDec. / Early Jan. 2021PowerPoint document
Soft Launch with Mayors, City Managers and Community LeadersFeb. 2021This micro-site and executive summary overview
Full Launch of AF with 757 Business Community – 5,700 universeMar. 2021This micro-site