Cultivate Promising New Industries

Offshore Wind, Unmanned Systems, Water Technologies, Bio-Health Science


Lead Org:

  • Hampton Roads Alliance 


  • Establish Hampton Roads as the East Coast supply chain hub for offshore wind.


  • The Alliance has established a program to coordinate local actions with the State’s initiatives.

    • Develop offshore wind strategic plan
    • Analyze offshore wind supply chain and define gaps
    • Conduct B2B series regarding supply chains


  • As part of the 757 Action Framework, the Alliance will place the most relevant metrics on the Action Framework’s dashboard. 

The Potential of the Offshore Wind Industry

Given the advantages that the port areas in Hampton Roads offer, in time, it is reasonable to anticipate that new businesses will locate in Hampton Roads to serve a growing offshore wind energy industry. If, during the early development of the industry in the United States over the next several years, businesses in Hampton Roads develop industry-specific expertise and manufacturing businesses in the industry supply chain locate in the area and the industry scales at a reasonable pace, then Mangum Economics estimates that Hampton Roads businesses service, there will be roughly: 

  • 5,200 direct and indirect Virginia jobs annually (almost all in Hampton Roads), with about:
  • $270 million in pay and benefits, and about:
  • $740 million in economic output, generating about:
  • $21 million in revenues for local governments in the Hampton Roads area, and an additional:
  • $18 million in Virginia state tax revenues.