Create and Run the "757 Did You Know" Pride-building Campaign

Create and Run the "757 Did You Know" Pride-building Campaign


Lead Org:

  • 757Proud


  • Build awareness of and familiarity with the region’s geographic reach (17 jurisdictions), core assets, and accomplishments.
  • Grow pride in the 757 and increase apostles.
  • Increase knowledge of and active participation in regional collaboration across all sectors.


  • Create and run the “757 Did You Know” regional campaign.

  • Create a regional pride-building marketing resource center.

Key Messages of the “757 Did You Know” Pride-building Campaign

  1. Advance the vision: 757 = ONE. Economic Empowerment & Growth for All.
  2. Define the region’s geographic reach (17 jurisdictions).
  3. Showcase the region’s core assets.
  4. Reinforce the region’s innovation and creativity.
  5. Reinforce the military’s positive impact.
  6. Advance the region’s welcoming spirit, diversity, and inclusive values – a “Big Tent” / “Safe Harbor” positioning.
  7. Showcase active collaboration across all sectors.
  8. Showcase 10 facts everyone should know about the region (many included in 1-7 above).
  9. Ask people to join the cause: 757 = ONE. Economic Empowerment & Growth for All.
  10. Sign the campaign – the 757 Business Coalition.
  • Build on the 757 Envision 2020 Marketing Plan. Tie into local celebrities. 
  • Fund the campaign through Alliance/Something In the Water festival (SITW) partnership.
  • Leverage SITW and other events as opportunities to share what the region has to offer.
  • Create regional collaboration awards as part of the Action Framework’s annual event.


  • Conduct year-end 2021 and 2022 business leader surveys to measure and report key performance indicators — see next page for specific benchmarks and goals.