Category: I. Purpose, Goals, Objectives and Key Audiences

Key Audiences

Key Audiences Primary Audience: Hampton Roads’ 5,500 Business Leaders* Secondary Audiences: 17 Local governments Military Commands Community Leaders across the region  Site Selection consultants National economic development leaders 757’s Regional Economic Development entities, aka the “RED” Team The design of the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework is based on the foundational perspective that this […]

Overall Goal

Overall Goal Build a better, more resilient economy for the people of the 757 Specific Measurable Objectives Accelerate our region’s economic rebound. Move to a top-15 position in our peer group as measured by: Job Growth Wage Growth GDP Make the region’s overall economy and 1,000 local companies more resilient to future shocks. Ensure everyone […]

Our Purpose-continued

Recovery versus Resilience Recovery is defined as returning to a normal state of mind, health, or strength. Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. By simply focusing on recovering the regional economy to status quo, in the face of future economic shocks, the region will not be resilient enough to react […]

Our Purpose

Our Purpose Why are we here? The COVID-19 pandemic caused an economic shock that the region was not prepared for. School and workplaces shifted quickly to remote-only, putting stress on internet connectivity. Restaurants, gyms, daycares and more were closed, causing many to become temporarily or permanently unemployed. Travel was deemed unsafe, so important tourism money […]