Advance the New Vision for the 757 Economy

Advance the New Vision for the 757 Economy

Lead Org:

  • The Hampton Roads Alliance


  • Build awareness, familiarity, support and engagement among business leaders.
  • Advance the new vision for the 757 economy and this Action Framework.


  • Include the short vision statement in coalition members’ communications.
  • Create a graphic icon that visually represents the statement.

New Vision for the 757 Economy

757 = ONE

Economic Empowerment & Growth for All

  • Create an overall poster map of the Action Framework that prominently features the vision statement and icon. Distribute to all supporters. 
  • Have all Action Framework supporters advance the vision statement.


  • Conduct year-end 2021 and 2022 business leader surveys to assess awareness of, familiarity with, and support for this vision.
  • Post annual Key Performance Indicators to measure results.
  • Hold regular public report out events (suggest 2 times per year).