Advance Future Regional Infrastructure Priorities

Advance Future Regional Infrastructure Priorities

Guided by ‘Economic Empowerment for All’ Perspective


Lead Orgs:

  • HRPDC and Reinvent Hampton Roads 


  • Advance regional infrastructure projects guided by our economic empowerment for all (equity) perspective. 


  • Ensure all 757 Champions are aware of and familiar with all major infrastructure improvements currently underway and planned: $5.2 billion in roadway improvements, transatlantic fiber cables, regional fiber network ring, offshore wind industry, etc. 

  • Continue to utilize the citizen advisory committee to ensure inclusive citizen engagement to identify the next major infrastructure priorities for the entire region. 
  • Explore major regional funding sources, building on the success of the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and the $5.2 billion in roadway improvements across the 757.


  • Many of the major infrastructure projects going forward will account for recurrent flooding, resiliency and social equity.