Advance a Business Approach to Expanded Market Connections

Advance a Business Approach to Expanded Market Connections

Advance a Business Approach to Expanded Market Connections

Lead Org:

  • Reinvent Hampton Roads


  • Improve transportation and digital connections to nearby markets to expand economic development opportunities. 


  • Continue to invest in the RVA757 Connects megaregion collaborative.
  • Create a new partnership with the Raleigh-Durham business leaders to advance the I-87 new interstate concept.

Emergence of U.S. Megaregions

Economists are realizing there are 12 megaregions across the country, such as Silicon Valley, Texas Triangle, and Research Triangle. The city economies in those megaregions grow based on how jurisdictions work together and how companies take advantage of commerce and resources within the megaregion. Intensive and intentional collaborations foster economic growth for all.

Support Greater Connections with Richmond

The Hampton Roads region is now part of formal 501(c)(3) collaborative with the Richmond region called RVA757 Connects. Over time, this will be advanced as the I-64 Innovation Corridor.

Support Greater Connections with Raleigh-Durham N.C. 

I-87 would be an economic success for Hampton Roads and the Research Triangle in Raleigh, as well as the rural expanse of North Carolina where much of the interstate would pass through. This new 180-mile interstate would follow U.S. 64 from Raleigh to the town of Williamston, then U.S. 17 between Williamston and Chesapeake. The entire section is freeway, and only relatively minor improvements are needed to bring it up to interstate standards. The Regional Transportation Alliance of Raleigh is pushing for this. We should too.


  • Expanded collaboration between Hampton Roads and Richmond regions.