757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework:

757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework:

Our Economic Vision
757 = ONE

Economic Empowerment and Growth for All.

Our economy is resilient and innovative. Here, we all work together to grow our economy and advance the well-being of all residents.

 We’re inspired by what we value:  a commitment to inclusion and equity, a strong military presence, a welcoming community spirit, and our old salt, new vibe coastal lifestyle, making our region one of a kind, and one for all.

Working together, this coalition created the 757 Recovery & Resilience Action Framework. This is not a plan but rather an action playbook created by and for the 757’s business community — Hampton Roads’ 5,500 Business Leaders. 

Designed to help accelerate the region’s recovery from the COVID-19 economic shock — and to do so in a way that builds a more resilient economy for everyone in the 757 — this first-of-its-kind playbook is guided by an equally novel vision for the kind of economy we want to build for the people of the 757 by 2030:

757 = One

Economic Empowerment and Growth for All.